ISBN 9788120345416,Mass Transfer

Mass Transfer



PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788120345416

ISBN-10 812034541X


Number of Pages 616 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering: general

This book introduces the fundamental principles of the mass transfer phenomenon and its diverse applications in process industry. It covers the full spectrum of techniques for chemical separations and extraction. Beginning with molecular diffusion in gases, liquids and solids within a single phase, the mechanism of inter-phase mass transfer is explained with the help of several theories. The separation operations are explained comprehensively in two distinct ways-stage-wise contact and continuous differential contact. The primary design requirements of gas-liquid equipment are discussed. The book provides a detailed discussion on all individual gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, solid-gas, and solid-liquid separation processes. The students are also exposed to the underlying principles of the membrane-based separation processes. The book is replete with real applications of separation processes and equipment. Problems are worked out in each chapter. Besides, problems with answers, short questions, multiple choice questions with answers are given at the end of each chapter. The text is intended for a course on mass transfer, transport and separation processes prescribed for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of chemical engineering.

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