ISBN 9788176560221,Mastering Visual C++ 6

Mastering Visual C++ 6


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BPB Publications

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9788176560221

ISBN-10 8176560227


Number of Pages 1397 Pages
Language (English)

Academic And Professional

Mastering Visual C++ 6 is a comprehensive guide to the latest version of Visual C++ and the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), the tools of preference for Windows programmers everywhere. Inside, you'll profit from the expertise of a seasoned C++ teacher. Clear, practical explanations of key concepts and techniques show you the path to building bullet-proof 32-bit applications. In-depth exploration of the Visual C++ environment puts you in control and lets you use the language's powerful new set of tools. Table of Contents Introduction Pt. I Introduction to Microsoft Visual C++ 6 Ch. 1 Setting Up the Software Ch. 2 Creating a Program Using the Microsoft Developer Studio Pt. II Introduction to C++ Ch. 3 Moving to C++ Ch. 4 Defining C++ Classes Ch. 5 Deriving C++ Classes Ch. 6 Overloading, Copying, and Converting Ch. 7 Using C++ Templates Ch. 8 Handling Exceptions in C++ Pt. III Windows GUI Programming with the MFC Library Ch. 9 Generating a Windows GUI Program Ch. 10 Implementing the View Ch. 11 Implementing the Document Ch. 12 Storing Documents in Disk Files Ch. 13 Scrolling and Splitting Views Ch. 14 Including Docking Toolbars and Status Bars Ch. 15 Creating Custom Dialog Boxes Ch. 16 Writing Dialog-Based Applications Ch. 17 Writing Multiple Document Applications Ch. 18 Performing Character I/O Ch. 19 Using Drawing Functions Ch. 20 Using Bitmaps and Bit Operations Ch. 21 Printing and Print Previewing Ch. 22 Using Multiple Threads Ch. 23 Communicating Among Processes Ch. 24 Using OLE Ch. 25 Creating and Using ActiveX Controls Index