ISBN 9781569571347,Masters Of Meditation And Miracles

Masters Of Meditation And Miracles


Tulku Thondup


Rupa & Company



Rupa & Company

Publication Year 1996

ISBN 9781569571347

ISBN-10 1569571341

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Number of Pages 383 Pages
Language (English)

Bible readings, selections & meditations

Masters Of Mediation and Miracles presents colorful biographies of thirty-five realized teachers whose lives where full of peace, enlightenment, and amazing miracles. They flourished in Tibet, the Roof of the World, in its golden days. These teachers belong to the Longehen Nyingthig lineage of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, a cycle of mystical teachings revealed by the great scholar and adept Jigme Lingpa. From the first master, Carap Dorje, to the present, each spiritual personality has his or her own distinctive role to play in this great lineage. In retelling their stories in his own words, the author has sought to bring out their inner feelings as well as their external activities: how they faced and healed physical pain, how they dealt with emotional turmoil, how they overcame spiritual or meditative illusions, and most important, what experiences they had when they awakened their own inner Buddha Mind and Buddha qualities. These biographies not only provide great sources of teachings on meditation, but will also kindle a spiritual flame in the hearts of readers.