ISBN 9781420063080,Materials And Process Selection For Engineering Design

Materials And Process Selection For Engineering Design


CRC Press



CRC Press

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781420063080

ISBN-10 1420063081

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Edition 2nd
Language (English)

Basic Engineering

Taking a practical approach, this work illustrates how design, materials, and process selection must mesh together and be considered along with economic and environmental analysis, when developing a new product or changing an existing model. It also considers the trade-offs that must sometimes be made.
This second edition adds and revises topics such as environmental, function, and aesthetic considerations in design; environmental impact assessment of materials and processes; life cycle and recycling economics; and materials substitution.
The book begins with an intro that reviews stages of product development. This is followed by three sections covering
. Mechanical failures, environmental degradation, and materials that resist different types of failure
. Elements of engineering design and the effect of material properties and manufacturing processes on the design of components
. Economic and environmental aspects of materials and manufacturing processes, as well as quantitative and computer-assisted methods for screening, ranking alternatives, and deciding on the optimum material/process combination
Examples and detailed case studies illustrating practical applications, as well as materials selection and substitution from a variety of industries, are included.
Each chapter begins with clear objectives and ends with a summary, review questions, and bibliography. Appendices supply tables of composition and properties and a glossary of technical terms. SI units are used; with Imperial units given when possible. This student-friendly text demonstrates how to balance design, materials, process selection, and economic and environmental analysis to optimize manufacturing processes for a given component.
The author maintains a book website which features PowerPoint presentations for each chapter, and access to a solutions manual for qualifying instructors.
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