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Math Workout For The New Gmat


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Princeton Review

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780375427497

ISBN-10 037542749X


Number of Pages 285 Pages
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The Maths or quantitative section of the GMAT is highly important in increasing a candidate's chances of gaining entry into a good management school. Most schools look at the overall score and then the Maths score to assess the student's capabilities. The quantitative section score is considered vital because management studies require many fundamental mathematical skills. So, the management institutes want to make sure that the candidate has enough mathematical knowledge to handle the course. Math Workout For The New GMAT provides focused coverage of the concepts necessary for the GMAT. The book does not cover any topic that is not needed for the test. So, there is no discussion of trigonometry or calculus. Each chapter in the book focuses on a single type of problem that is part of the Quant section in the GMAT. The book discusses the maths skills needed to solve that type of problem and clearly explains how to solve them. The Quiz sections in each chapter tests the reader's understanding of the concepts discussed in that subsection. End of chapter exercises test the reader on the entire material presented in that chapter. The book provides clear answers and explanations for the quizzes and the end of chapter practice sets. Candidates taking the GMAT exam vary in age and experience. Some may have just finished their undergraduate studies, others might have worked for a few years before deciding to continue their studies. In the latter case, candidates might have lost their familiarity with the fundamental mathematical knowledge required. They might need a quick review of the concepts and formulas to fully comprehend the problem. This book takes this into consideration and the mathematical concepts required are fully explained.