ISBN 9781107526235,Mathematical Analysis: A Straightforward Approach

Mathematical Analysis: A Straightforward Approach



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9781107526235

ISBN-10 110752623X


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 376 Pages
Language (English)


For The Second Edition Of This Very Successful Text, Professor Binmore Has Written Two Chapters On Analysis In Vector Spaces. The Discussion Extends To The Notion Of The Derivative Of A Vector Function As A Matrix And The Use Of Second Derivatives In Classifying Stationary Points. Some Necessary Concepts From Linear Algebra Are Included Where Appropriate. The First Edition Contained Numerous Worked Examples And An Ample Collection Of Exercises For All Of Which Solutions Were Provided At The End Of The Book. The Second Edition Retains This Feature But In Addition Offers A Set Of Problems For Which No Solutions Are Given. Teachers May Find This A Helpful Innovation.

Table Of Contents : -
Preface To The First Edition
Preface To The Second Edition
1. Real Numbers
2. Continuum Property
3. Natural Numbers
4. Convergent Sequences
5. Subsequences
6. Series
7. Functions
8. Limits Of Functions
9. Continuity
10. Differentiation
11. Mean Value Theorems
12. Monotone Functions
13. Integration
14. Exponential And Logarithm
15. Power Series
16. Trigonometric Functions
17. The Gamma Function
18. Vectors
19. Vector Derivatives
20. Appendix
Solutions To Exercises
Further Problems
Suggested Further Reading