ISBN 9780821868911,Mathematical Modelling Case Studies Approach

Mathematical Modelling Case Studies Approach


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Universities Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780821868911

ISBN-10 0821868918

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Number of Pages 216 Pages
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Applied mathematics

Mathematical Modeling is a subject without boundaries. It is the means by which mathematics becomes useful to virtually any subject. Moreover, modeling has been and continues to be a driving force for the development of mathematics itself. This book explains the process of modeling real situations to obtain mathematical problems that can be analyzed, thus solving the original problem. The presentation is in the form of case studies, which are developed much as they would be in true applications. In many cases, an initial model is created, then modified along the way. Some cases are familiar, such as the evaluation of an annuity. Others are unique, such as the fascinating situation in which an engineer, armed only with a slide rule, had 24 hours to compute whether a valve would hold when a temporary rock plug was removed from a water tunnel. Each chapter ends with a set of exercises and some suggestions for class projects. Some projects are extensive, as with the explorations of the predator-prey model; others are more modest. The text was designed to be suitable for a one - term course for advanced undergraduates. The selection of topics and the style of exposition reflect this choice. The authors have also succeeded in demonstrating just how enjoyable the subject can be. This is an ideal text for classes on modeling. It can also be used in seminars or as preparation for mathematical modeling competitions