ISBN 9789380068879,Mathematics For Learning Physics

Mathematics For Learning Physics



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380068879

ISBN-10 9380068875


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Key Features Symbols and Notations, Trignometric Table and Some Basic Formulas are provided in the starting of the book. Every chapter consists four sections, Theory (with example), Chapter Crux, Solved Examples, Practice Exercise. Detailed "theory" is given understand the topic well. Each chapter includes Chapter Crux, important concepts/results have been highlighted. Practice exercises are provided in the end of every chapter for more practice. Test yourself is given at the end of the book with the answers to test the ability. About the Book: Mathematics for Learning Physics Contents 1. Quadratic Equations 2. Trigonometric Ratios 3. Compound Angles 4. Inverse Trigonometric Functions 5. Coordinates 6. Locus: Line, Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola etc. 7. Function 8. Limit and Continuity 9. Differentiation 10. Application of Differentiation 11. Graph 12. Integration 13. Application of Integration 14. Differential Equation 15. Vector 16. Vector Function Table of Contents : - About the Book Symbols and Notations Trigonometric Table Some Basic Results/Definitions of Mathematics Quadratic Equations Trigonometric Ratios Compound Angles Inverse Trigonometric Functions Coordinates Locus: Line, Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola etc. Function Limit and Continuity Differentiation Application of Differentiation Graph Integration Application of Integration Differential Equation Vector Vector Function Test Yourself