ISBN 9780007244065,Mavericks at Work Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win

Mavericks at Work Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780007244065

ISBN-10 0007244061


Number of Pages 316 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Business as usual is bust. In industry after industry, the old guard is cutting back and losing ground. Meanwhile, organizations that we once dismissed as upstarts, wildcards - mavericks are making waves and growing fast. There is a reason: in an age of hypercompetition and non-stop innovation, the only way to stand out from the crowd to stand for something truly original.

That's the lesson behind the companies, executives and entrepreneurs you'll meet in Mavericks at Work. Winning companies don't just sell competitive products. They stand for important ideas - ideas that shape the future of their industry, ideas that reshape the sense of what's possible among customers, employees, and investors.

Mavericks at Work offers a hold new line of sight into the future of business - and exciting new answer to the timeless challenges facing leaders in every field: how you make strategy, how you unleash new ideas, how you connect with customers, how your best people achieve great results. Who are these mavericks? They are break-the-mold business units inside giants such as IBM and Procter & Gamble, as well as high-profile innovators such as HBO and Pixar. They are Internet banks and gold mines, fashion retailers and funky sandwich shops. Together they are creating an inspiring agenda for business - an agenda that every business can put to work.