ISBN 9788176567459,Maya 4.5 Savvy (With Cd Rom)

Maya 4.5 Savvy (With Cd Rom)



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788176567459

ISBN-10 8176567450


Language (English)

Computer And Internet

Synopsis Maya is an essential tool for creating cutting-edge 3D animation and special effects. Today, it's used by everyone from students and advertising firms, to game companies and elite film houses such as Industrial, Light & Magic, Pixar, and Disney. Written by a top-notch team of Maya professionals, Maya Savvy is a thorough update to the best-selling Mastering Maya 3. It delivers the most comprehensive coverage available for Alias/Wavefront's extraordinarily powerful software. Key topics include: Modeling with NURBs and polygons; creating realistic textures and shading; and working with particles, dynamics, and MEL. Maya Savvy also features hands-on tutorials that integrate Maya instruction with real-world advice on planning, organizing, and managing your Maya creations. A full-color insert illustrates the techniques discussed in the book. And the enclosed CD adds a 3D gallery plus a collection of demos and plug-ins Like all Savvy books, Maya Savvy is printed on quality, coated paper for crisp image reproduction. Maya is famed for its intuitive interface, and yet this high-end 3D application is so powerful that no one masters it without help. Maya 4.5 Savvy is an update to the successful 'Mastering Maya 3' and provides precisely the help you need to take your skills to the next level, regardless of your field and how much or little you already know. 'Maya 4.5 Savvy' is the first of Sybex's authorized, Alial|Wavefront Approved titles. Read this book cover to cover or use it as a reference, dipping in wherever you need information on specific modeling, animation, and rendering tools or tasks. Everywhere you turn, you'll find expert advice on the latest Maya features, time-saving shortcuts, and advanced techniques, along with Hands On tutorials that give you the practice you need to achieve results worthy of the real world. Coverage includes: - Maya Fundamentals: interface basics, workflow improvement techniques, features new to 4.5. - Modeling: modeling basics, NURBS, polygons and subdivision surfaces, Artisan techniques, organic modeling. - Animation: paths and bones, deformers, binding, the Trax Editor, rigid body dynamics. - Rendering: rendering basics, shading and texturing, lighting, special light effects. - Advanced Tools and Techniques: Paint Effects, MEL scripting, particle basics, particle rendering, particle expressions, ramps and volumes, soft body dynamics, Fluid Effects Table of Contents Foreword Introduction Ch. 1 The Maya Interface 3 Ch. 2 Your First Maya Animation 33 Ch. 3 Techniques for Speeding Up Workflow 57 Ch. 4 Modeling Basics 95 Ch. 5 NURBS Modeling 117 Ch. 6 Polygons and Subdivision Surfaces 153 Ch. 7 Painting with Artisan 199 Ch. 8 Organic Modeling 223 Ch. 9 Animating in Maya 251 Ch. 10 Paths and Bones 277 Ch. 11 Deformers 315 Ch. 12 Binding 343 Ch. 13 Character Animation Exercises 371 Ch. 14 Animation Using the Trax Editor 401 Ch. 15 Working with Rigid Body Dynamics 431 Ch. 16 Rendering Basics 457 Ch. 17 Shading and Texturing Surfaces 475 Ch. 18 Lighting 517 Ch. 19 Paint Effects 545 Ch. 20 MEL 583 Ch. 21 Particle Basics 623 Ch. 22 Particle Rendering 645 Ch. 23 Using Particle Expressions, Ramps, and Volumes 665 Ch. 24 Dynamics of Soft Bodies 691 Ch. 25 Fluid Effects 717 App.: Interviews 755