ISBN 9788190642743,MCQS Life Sciences Biotechnology

MCQS Life Sciences Biotechnology



Pathfinder Academy

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788190642743

ISBN-10 819064274X


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 400 Pages

Study & learning skills: general

MCQs: Life Sciences/Biotechnology – Third Edition, compiled by Pranav Kumar and Satyendra Singh, is a comprehensive practice book for GRE, CSIR-UGC-NET, DBT-JRF, ICMR, GATE, JNU, IISc, IIT-JAM, and TIFR/NCBS. It offers extensive coverage of true concept-and-application-based, and factual and synthetic questions to develop in-depth understanding of the subject. The book discusses the following concepts: Amino Acids and Proteins, Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates and Lipids, Enzymes and Vitamins, Cell Biology, Respiration, Photosynthesis, Molecular Genetics, Recombinant DNA Technology, Genetics, Prokaryotes and Virus, Immunology, Plant Physiology, Human Physiology, Diversity of Life, and Ecology and Evolution.

About the Authors -:

Pranav Kumar and Satyendra Singh are esteemed Indian academicians. They are associated with Pathfinder Academy. Their books are widely-read throughout the country by aspirants of various competitive and entrance exams.