ISBN 9789381690987,MCS 051 Advanced Internet Technologies

MCS 051 Advanced Internet Technologies



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381690987

ISBN-10 9381690987


Number of Pages 232 Pages
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MCS 51 Advanced Internet Technologies Advanced Internet Technologies CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Servlets And JSP Programming Unit1 Servlet Programming Unit2 Java Database Connectivity Unit3 Java Server PagesI Unit4 java Server PagesII Block 2 EJB and XML Unit1 Introduction to Java Beans Unit2 Enterprise Java Beans: Architecture Unit3 EJB: Deploying Enterprise Java Beans Unit4 XML: Extensible Markup Language Block 3 Web Security and Case Study Unit1 Web Security Concepts Unit2 Security Implementation QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2009 2. Solution Paper Dec 2009 3. Solution Paper June 2010 4. Solution Paper Dec 2010 5. Solution Paper June 2011 6. Solution Paper Dec 2011 7. Solution Paper June 2012 8. Solution Paper Dec 2012 9. Solution Paper June 2013 10. Solution Paper Dec 2013