ISBN 9788120328426,Mcsa/Mcsa Self Paced Training Kit Exam 70-350-Implementing Microsoft Internet Security And Acceleration Server 2004

Mcsa/Mcsa Self Paced Training Kit Exam 70-350-Implementing Microsoft Internet Security And Acceleration Server 2004



Microsoft Press

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788120328426

ISBN-10 8120328426


Number of Pages 1104 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

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Product - Override Product ID provided = 9788120328426 Attribute Product Data Override New Value Qualifier Valid Till (yyyy-MM-dd) Last Modified shadow_title Mcsa/Mcse Self Paced Training Kit Exam 70-350-Implementing Microsoft Internet Security And Acceleration Server 2004 --NA-- shadow_contributor (multivalued) Author:Orin Thomas,Reimer Stan; --NA-- shadow_language (multivalued) English --NA-- shadow_edition 1st Edition --NA-- shadow_year 2005 --NA-- shadow_binding Paperback --NA-- shadow_isbn13 9788120328426 --NA-- shadow_publisher Phi Learning --NA-- media_type --NA-- price_rule_qualifier --NA-- restricted_code_dummy --NA-- quantity --NA-- to_language --NA-- pod --NA-- product_version 0 --NA-- award_year --NA-- only_selected_location --NA-- offers --NA-- international 0 --NA-- supplier_backend_upfront --NA-- mop --NA-- manu_adv_price --NA-- ean --NA-- fee --NA-- price 795.0 --NA-- dummy --NA-- supplier_price --NA-- additional_images (multivalued) --NA-- mrp INR:795.00; --NA-- rights_territory --NA-- minimum_lbh --NA-- num_units --NA-- currency INR --NA-- shipping_text --NA-- product_status --NA-- warranty_type --NA-- list_price 795.0 --NA-- tags --NA-- is_avail --NA-- fk_landing_cost --NA-- flipkart_rule_sp --NA-- sales_package (multivalued) --NA-- special_discount 0.0 --NA-- max_shipping_days --NA-- warranty_summary --NA-- preorder_release_date --NA-- abridged --NA-- primary_source --NA-- volume --NA-- amazon_last_modified --NA-- supplier_taxes --NA-- covered_in_warranty --NA-- warranty_period --NA-- max_selling_price --NA-- actual_margin --NA-- height --NA-- isbn10 8120328426 --NA-- imprint --NA-- description This book does not come with a CD Ace your preparation for the skills measured by MCP Exam 70-350-and on the job-with this official Microsoft study guide. Work at your own pace through a system of lessons, hands-on exercises, troubleshooting labls, and review questions. You can choose timed or untimed testing mode, generate random tests, of focus on specific objectives. You get detailed explanations for right and wrong answers-including a cusotmzed learning path that describes how and where to focus your studies. Maximise your performance on exam by learning how to: Plan and implement your deployment, including migration from ISA Server 2000 Install, manage, and troubleshoot ISA Server clients Configure ISA Server as a firewall with application-layer filtering Enable security-enhanced internet access for Web servers, Exchange servers, and other servers configure ISA Server for virtual private network (VPN) remote access and site-to-site VPNs Monitor and log server activity, run reports, and create alerts About the Author Orin Thomas works for and as a trainer on Microsoft technologies. He coauthored the MCSA/MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit for Exam 70-299, among others, and regularly contributes to Windows IT Pro magazine Table of Contents Part 1 Learn Your Own Pace 1. Introduction to ISA Server 2005 2. Installing ISA Server 2004 3. Securing and Maintaining ISA Server 2004 4. Installing and Managing ISA Server Clients 5. Enabling Secure internet Access with ISA Server 2004 6. Implementing ISA Server as a Firewall 7. Configuring ISA Server as a Firewall 8. Implementing ISA Server Publishing 9. Integrating ISA Server 2004 and Exchange Server 10. Configuring Virtual Private Networks for Remote Clients and Networks 11. Implementing Monitoring and Reporting 12. Implementing ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition Part II Prepare for the Exam 13. Planning and Installing ISA Server 2004 (1.0) 14. Installing and Configuring Client Computers (2.0) 15. Configuring and Managing ISA Server 2004 (3.0) 16. Configuring Web Caching (4.0) 17. Configuring Firewall Policy (5.0) 18. Configuring and Managing Remote Networks Connectivity (6.0) 19. Monitoring and Reporting ISA Server 2004 Activity (7.0) --NA-- fsn 9788120328426 --NA-- seasonal_offer --NA-- audio_url --NA-- img_version --NA-- related_products (multivalued) --NA-- supplier_backend_cn --NA-- international_stock_size --NA-- queue_itemId (multivalued) --NA-- keywords --NA-- dump_display_flag --NA-- product_sales_rank --NA-- width --NA-- offer_description (multivalued) --NA-- fee_type --NA-- available_location (multivalued) --NA-- supplier_image --NA-- awards --NA-- age_group --NA-- media_mail --NA-- onorder_la --NA-- sales_rights --NA-- weight --NA-- toc --NA-- vat --NA-- onorder_in --NA-- author Thomas,Orin|Author;Stan,Reimer|Author --NA-- flipkart_selling_price INR:795.00; --NA-- sku_id SKU0000000000000 --NA-- flipkart_sp_before_tax --NA-- international_term --NA-- flipkart_margin INR:0.00; --NA-- min_shipping_days --NA-- redirect_product_id --NA-- is_inventory false --NA-- key_spec (multivalued) --NA-- stock_in --NA-- offer_cost --NA-- flipkart_sp_after_margin --NA-- report_date --NA-- location_weight (multivalued) --NA-- return_date --NA-- source --NA-- offer_know_more --NA-- serial_number_count (multivalued) --NA-- restricted_code --NA-- product_margin --NA-- has_image --NA-- product_id --NA-- old_book_id IU23F98OBH --NA-- service_type --NA-- rights --NA-- discount_act_on_qualifier --NA-- fk_margin_type_qualifier --NA-- annotation --NA-- onorder_or --NA-- backend_cn_type_qualifier --NA-- report --NA-- product_price_supplier --NA-- ws_name --NA-- stock_la --NA-- onorder_pa --NA-- shipping_days 5 --NA-- product_availability --NA-- discount 38.0 --NA-- product_stock_supplier --NA-- category --NA-- is_live --NA-- returnable --NA-- series --NA-- modified_date --NA-- subject --NA-- key_features (multivalued) --NA-- part_number --NA-- author_info --NA-- ws_subtitle --NA-- author3 --NA-- length --NA-- discount_price --NA-- offers_brief --NA-- dimensions --NA-- author2 --NA-- author1 --NA-- social_name (multivalued) --NA-- flipkart_cost INR:0.00; --NA-- row_no --NA-- pages --NA-- has_content --NA-- cash_back --NA-- gateway_charges_type --NA-- discount_type_qualifier --NA-- ingram_department_code --NA-- max_sp_qualifier --NA-- subject_to_availability 0 --NA-- operating_supplier_price --NA-- is_large_item --NA-- is_available true --NA-- cms_feed_id --NA-- stock_size --NA-- mop_level --NA-- primary_content_id --NA-- recommended_for --NA-- show_mrp --NA-- offers_description (multivalued) --NA-- source_type N --NA-- supplier_offer --NA-- supplier_discount --NA-- supplier_base_price --NA-- shipping 4 --NA-- actual_currency INR --NA-- video_url --NA-- actual_list_price 795.0 --NA-- product_enforced_sp --NA-- status --NA-- from_language --NA-- enforced_fk_selling_price --NA-- category_id --NA-- format --NA-- flipkart_expenses --NA-- stock_pa --NA-- domestic_term --NA-- copies --NA-- not_covered_in_warranty --NA-- maximum_lbh --NA-- stock_or --NA-- flipkart_offer --NA-- supplier_shipping_cost --NA-- website_language --NA-- is_price false --NA-- date_created 2011-06-20 23:50:40.0 --NA-- availability_text --NA-- availability_code --NA-- id --NA-- source_isbn --NA-- source_config_category --NA-- cms_event_version 1064875958 --NA-- availability --NA-- award_category --NA-- installation_required --NA-- keyword --NA-- wsr_price --NA-- supplier_item_id --NA-- payment_gateway_charges --NA-- market_price --NA--