ISBN 9789381066591,MEC 001 Microeconomic Analysis

MEC 001 Microeconomic Analysis



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381066591

ISBN-10 9381066590


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MEC 1 Microeconomic Analysis CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Consumer Behaviour Unit1 Theory of Consumer Behaviour: Basic Themes Unit2 Theory of Demand : An Alternative Approaches Unit3 Recent Developments of Demand Theory Block 2 Producer Behaviour Unit4 Theory of Production Unit5 Theory of Cost Unit6 Production Economics Block 3 Price and Output Determination I Unit7 Perfect Competition Unit8 Monopoly Unit9 Monopolistic Competition Block 4 Price and Output DeterminationII Unit10 NonCollusive Oligopoly Unit11 Collusive Oligopoly Unit12 Alternative Theory of FirmI Unit13 Alternative Theory of FirmII Block 5 Welfare Economics Unit14 Pigovian vs. Paretain Approach Unit15 Social Welfare Function Unit16 Imperfect Market, Externality and Public Goods Unit17 Social Choice and Welfare Block 6 General Equilibrium Unit18 Partial and General Equilibrium Approaches: Pure Exchange Model Unit19 Production without Consumption Block 7 Economics of Uncertainty Unit20 Choice in Uncertain Situations Unit21 Insurance Choice and Risk Unit22 Economics of Information Block 8 NonCooperative Game Theory Unit23 Modeling Competitive Situations Unit24 Solution Concepts of NonCooperative Games Unit25 Repeated Games Unit26 Games of Incomplete Information QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2010 2. Solution Paper Dec 2010 3. Solution Paper June 2011 4. Solution Paper Dec 2011 5. Solution Paper June 2012 6. Solution Paper Dec 2012 7. Question Paper June 2013 8. Question Paper Dec 2013 9. Question Paper June 2014