ISBN 9789381066621,MEC 004 Economics of Growth and Development

MEC 004 Economics of Growth and Development



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ISBN 9789381066621

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MEC 4 Economics of Growth and Development CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Economic Growth ModelsI Unit1 Introduction to Economic Growth Unit2 HarrodDomar Growth Model Unit3 The NeoClassical Growth Model Block 2 Economic Growth ModelsII Unit4 Growth and distribution Unit5 Total Factor Productivity and Growth accounting Unit6 Technical Change and Progress Block 3 Economic Growth ModelsIII Unit7 Models of Optimal Economic Growth Unit8 Multisector Models of Growth Unit9 Endogenous Growth Models Unit10 Stochastic Growth Models Block 4 Social and Institutional Aspects of Development Unit11 Development and Underdevelopment Unit12 Measurement and indicators of economic Development Unit13 Population and Development Unit14 Institutions and Economic Development Unit15 Market Incompleteness and Informal Institutions in the Rural Economy Block 5 Theories of Development Unit16 Classical Theories of Development Unit17 Schumpeter and Capitalistic Development Unit18 Theories of Underdevelopment Block 6 Development Strategies Unit19 Allocation of Resources and Growth Strategies in Developing Countries Unit20 Cost Benefit Analysis Unit21 Role of Planning Unit22 International Trade and Development QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2011 2. Solution Paper Dec 2011 3. Solution Paper June 2012 4. Solution Paper Dec 2012 5. Solution Paper June 2013