ISBN 9789381066669,MEC 008 Economics of Social Sector and Environment

MEC 008 Economics of Social Sector and Environment



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381066669

ISBN-10 9381066663


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MEC 8 Economics of Social Sector and Enviranment CONTENTS COVERED Chapter 1 Society and Economic Development: Some Hard Facts I Inequality and Development: Concepts and Measurement II Inequality and Poverty III Natural Resources and Development Chapter 2 Society Beyond Market I Market Failure and its Sources II Government Regulation in the Economy III Institutional Economics Chapter 3 Sustainable Development and Environment I Green Accounting II Valuation of Environment III Theory of Environmental Policy Chapter 4 Natural and Common Property Resources I Natural Resource Economics II Common Property Resource Management III Environmental Problems and Policies in India Chapter 5 Economics of Education I Education and Economic Development II Demand and Supply Considerations of Education III Educational Planning and Economic Growth IV Educational Financing Chapter 6 Health Economics I Health Dimensions of Development II Determinants of Health Status III Economic Dimensions of Financing Healthcare QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2011 2. Solution Paper Dec 2011 3. Solution Paper June 2012 4. Solution Paper Dec 2012 5. Solution Paper June 2013