ISBN 9789381066676,MEC 009 Research Methods in Economics

MEC 009 Research Methods in Economics



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ISBN 9789381066676

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MEC 9 Research Methods in Economics CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Research Methodology: Issues and Perspectives Unit1 Positivist View on Nature of Science Unit2 Post Positivists Views on Nature of Science Unit3 Models of Scientific Explanation Unit4 Debates on Models of Explanation in Economics Block 2 Methods and Design of Research Unit5 Research Methodology: Conceptual Foundation Unit6 Data Collection: Census and Survey Methods Unit7 Sampling Design Block 3 Quantitative MethodsI Unit8 Correlation and Regression Analysis Unit9 Two Variable Regression Models Unit10 Multi Variable Regression Models Block 4 Quantitative MethodsII Unit11 Measures of Inequality Unit12 Time Series Analysis Unit13 Index Numbers Block 5 Qualitative Methods Unit14 Qualitative Research and Techniques Unit15 Qualitative Data: Formatting and Processing Unit16 Analysis and Presentation of Qualitative Data Unit17 Application of RRA PRA Approaches: A Case Study of Improved Hearth (Chullah) Block 6 Data Base of Indian Economy Unit18 MacroVariable Data: National Income, Saving and Investment Unit19 Agricultural and Industrial Data Unit20 Trade and Finance Unit21 Social Sector QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2010 2. Solution Paper June 2011 3. Solution Paper Dec 2011 4. Solution Paper June 2012 5. Solution Paper Dec 2012