ISBN 9788131806463,Mechanics Of Materials

Mechanics Of Materials



Laxmi Publication Ltd.

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788131806463

ISBN-10 8131806464


Number of Pages 1043 Pages
Language (English)

Environmental technology & engineering

Mechanics Of Materials strives to explain solid mechanics on a basic level to its readers. After the basic definitions are covered, the theory begins regarding different types of stresses, and how various materials react to them. It is a comprehensive book on the application of forces to materials and the consequences. Mechanics Of Materials begins by explaining the mechanical properties of different materials, after which it launches straight into an explanation of simple stresses and strains. The most common types of forces are stresses and strains. Stress is the application of a mechanical force, per unit area of a material. Strain is the resulting physical change in the material’s dimensions because of the above mentioned stress. All the intricacies of stress and strain on various materials are discussed. Once the basics of stress and strain are covered, Mechanics of Materials moves on to explain other forces such as bending and shearing forces, and how they affect solids. A bending force is one which causes a beam or any other solid to get skewed from its original angle. A number of materials are discussed that are of immense practical value, such as beams, columns, springs and cylinders. Another important feature of this book is that masonry structures such as dams and chimneys are also examined. About The Authors Dr. B. C. Punmia is a widely recognized authority in the Civil Engineering field, having written and published over a hundred technical papers and monographs on various subjects within the field. Dr. Punmia has written more than fifteen other books, many of which are followed as text books. Some of them are Soil Mechanics and Foundations, Surveying, Higher Surveying, and Theory of Structures. Dr. Punmia completed his Master’s with Honours in 1969, after which he proceeded to obtain a Ph.D in 1976. After beginning his teaching career as the Assistant Professor in 1959, he was promoted to Professor in 1978. He was previously the Head of Department, Civil Engineering, and Dean of Faculty of Engineering at the MBM College in Jodhpur. Ashok Kumar Jain is a highly popular Design and Field Engineer. He has also authored a number of different books in the Civil Engineering field. He has written books such as Irrigation and Water Power Engineering, and Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete. Arun Kumar Jain is at present the Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at the MBM College of Engineering in Jodhpur. Apart from fulfilling his duties as a teacher, he is well known for having guided several students at the M.E level, for the completion of their project thesis. Books written by Arun Kumar Jain include Water Supply Engineering and Building Construction.