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ISBN 9788126553143

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Mechatronics is a rapidly developing interdisciplinary field of engineering. It deals with the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, control engineering, computer technology and microprocessors in the development of electromechanical products, through a unified design approach. Therefore, the study of mechatronics systems requires a multidisciplinary approach. This textbook is geared towards this focus and written for engineering students and for those wishing to gain a sound knowledge and understanding of the principles of mechatronics systems and engineering.
About the Authors
1 Introduction to Sensors and Actuators
1.1 Introduction to Mechatronics
1.2 Measurement Characteristics
1.3 Sensors
1.4 Position Sensors
1.5 Proximity Sensors
1.6 Motion Sensors
1.7 Temperature Sensor
1.8 Force/Pressure Sensors
1.9 Flow Sensors
1.10 Actuators
2 Block Diagram Representation
2.1 Origin and History of Mechatronics
2.2 Evolution of Mechatronics
2.3 Overview of Mechatronics
2.4 Elements of Mechatronics System
2.5 Mechatronics Design Process
2.6 Mechatronics in Industries
2.7 System
2.8 Measurement Systems
2.9 Control Systems
2.10 Microprocessor-Based Controllers
2.11 Laplace Transforms
2.12 Transfer Function
2.13 Block Diagram of a Closed-Loop System
2.14 Block Diagram Simplification
2.15 Applications of Mechatronics System
2.16 Case Examples
3 Data Acquisition and Microcontroller
3.1 Data Acquisition (DAQ) Systems
3.2 I/O Hardware and Software at the Microprocessor Level and Communication
3.3 Interfacing of Sensors and Signal Conditioning
3.4 Signal Conditioner
3.5 Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp)
3.6 Noise Reduction
3.7 Bridge Circuits
3.8 Current-to-Voltage and Voltage-to-Current Converters
3.9 Voltage-to-Frequency and Frequency-to-Voltage Converters
3.10 Protection Circuit
3.11 Interfacing of Actuators
3.12 Interfacing Motor Drives
3.13 Sampling Theory
3.14 Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Conversions
3.15 Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
3.16 Data Flow in DSPs, Block Diagrams and Typical Layouts
3.17 Electrical Power Supply and Protection
3.18 Current and Voltage Amplifiers
4 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Programming
4.1 Programmable Logic Controllers - An Introduction
4.2 Components of PLC
4.3 Principles of Operation
4.4 PLCs vs. Computers
4.5 Introduction to Internal Architecture and Hardware Components
4.6 PLC Programming
4.7 Analog I/O
4.8 Selecting a PLC for the Application
4.9 Application of PLCs for Control
4.10 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
5 Modelling and Analysis of Mechatronics System
5.1 Mechanical Systems
5.2 Electrical Systems
5.3 Electromechanical Systems
5.4 Thermal and Fluid Systems
5.5 Hydraulic Power System
5.6 Pneumatic System
5.7 Comparison of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
5.8 Test Signal
5.9 Static Response
5.10 Poles, Zeros and Stability
5.11 Transient Response
5.12 Frequency Response Analysis
5.13 Polar Plots
5.14 Stability Analysis using Nyquist Diagrams
5.15 Relative Stability, Gain Margin and Phase Margin
5.16 Frequency Domain Specification
5.17 Bode Diagrams
6 Control Systems
6.1 Controller Principles
6.2 Two-Position Controller (ON/OFF Controller)
6.3 Proportional Controllers
6.4 Integral Controller
6.5 Derivative Controller
6.6 Composite Controller Modes
6.7 Selection of Controllers
6.8 PID Controller Tuning
6.9 Digital Controllers
6.10 Adaptive Controllers
About the Author: K P Ramachandran, G K Vijayaraghavan, M S Balasundaram
K.P. Ramachandran is currently working as Associate Dean (PG studies and Research), Caledonian College of Engineering, Sultanate of Oman -Muscat. He has been working more than 29 years in engineering institutions and as a consultant to many industries .
G.K. Vijayaraghavan is currently working as Principal, Dhaanish Ahmed College of Engineering, Padappai, Chennai. He has been in the teaching field for more than 17 years in various engineering colleges in India and abroad, and has many research publications to his credit.
M.S. Balasundaram is presently a Senior Lecturer at the Caledonian College of Engineering, Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman

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