ISBN 9780071070638,Media Ethics: Issues And Cases

Media Ethics: Issues And Cases



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071070638

ISBN-10 007107063X


Edition 6th
Number of Pages 548 Pages
Language (English)

Media studies

By combining real-life and hypothetical cases with a succinct introduction to ethical theory, this text helps students prepare for the ethical situations they will encounter in the media professions. It is an ideal choice as the main text in a media ethics course or as a supplemental text in any course in journalism. The new edition reflects changes in the world post 9/11, including the war in Iraq, the Enron and WorldCom scandals, and a new look at media and democracy in light of FCC-approved media consolidation. Salient Features Almost half of all case studies in the book are new. Case study authors are academics and professionals who have personal knowledge or interest in the cases they choose to write for the book. There is an intentional focus on international media ethics throughout the book including at least one case per chapter based outside the U.S. Every case concludes with questions designed to get students to think about immediate decisions, the organizational and institutional impact and role of such decisions, and the larger social and philosophical implications of those decisions. Coverage of cross-cultural and multi-cultural issues is integrated throughout the book. This textbook uses a practical philosophy, anchoring debates in real-life conundrums but pushing the discussion toward substantive issues and integrating appropriate theory into the decision-making process. The text begins with a chapter on ethical theory, moves on to subsequent chapters that provide background and content for understanding application, and concludes with a chapter on moral development. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. An Introduction to Ethical Decision Making Chapter 2. Information Ethics: A Profession Seeks the Truth Chapter 3. Advertising Ethics: From Buyer Beware to Empowerment Chapter 4. Loyalty: Choosing Between Competing Allegiances Chapter 5. Public Relations: Standards of Advocacy? Chapter 6. Privacy: Looking for Solitude in the Global Village Chapter 7. Mass Media In a Democratic Society: Keeping a Promise Chapter 8. Media Economics: The Deadline Meets the Bottom Line Chapter 9. Picture This: The Ethics of Photo and Video Journalism Chapter 10. New Media: Continuing Questions and New Roles Chapter 11. The Ethical Dimensions of Art and Entertainment Chapter 12. Becoming A Moral Adult Bibliography Index