ISBN 9789351070627,Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Medical and Veterinary Entomology


Garg Mullen


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Bio-green Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789351070627

ISBN-10 935107062X

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Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 637 Pages
Language (English)

Medical Professional

Key Features Follows in the tradition of Herms Medical and Veterinary Entomology The latest information on developments in entomology relating to public health and veterinary importance Two separate indexes for enhanced searchability: Taxonomic and Subject About the Book: Medical and Veterinary Entomology: 2nd Edition New to this Edition Three new chapters Morphological Adaptations of Parasitic Arthropods Forensic Entomology Molecular Tools in Medical and Veterinary Entomology Online ancillaries: glossary, chapter images, study questions, and related web links 1700 word glossary Appendix of Arthropod-Related Viruses of Medical-Veterinary Importance Numerous new full-color images, illustrations and maps throughout Content Chapter 1: Introduction by Lance A. Durden and Gary R. Mullen; Chapter 2: Morphological Adaptations of Parasitic Arthropods by Nathan D. Burkett-Cadena; Chapter 3: Epidemiology of Vector-Borne Diseases by William K. Reisen; Chapter 4: Forensic Entomology by William L. Krinsky; Chapter 5: Cockroaches (Blattaria) by Richard J. Brenner and Richard D. Kramer; Chapter 6: Lice (Phthiraptera) by Lance A. Durden and John E. Lloyd; Chapter 7: True Bugs (Hemiptera) by William L. Krinsky; Chapter 8: Beetles (Coleoptera) by William L. Krinsky; Chapter 9: Fleas (Siphonaptera) by Lance A. Durden and Nancy C. Hinkle; Chapter 10: Flies (Diptera) by Robert D. Hall and Reid R. Gerhardt; Chapter 11: Moth Flies and Sand Flies (Psychodidae) by Louis C. Rutledge and Raj K. Gupta; Chapter 12: Biting Midges (Ceratopogonidae) by Gary R. Mullen; Chapter 13: Black Flies (Simuliidae) by Peter H. Adler and John W. McCreadie; Chapter 14: Mosquitoes (Culicidae) by Woodbridge A. Foster and Edward D. Walker; Chapter 15: Horse Flies and Deer Flies (Tabanidae) by Bradley A. Mullens; Chapter 16: Muscid Flies (Muscidae) by Roger D. Moon; Chapter 17: Tsetse Flies (Glossinidae) by William L. Krinsky; Chapter 18: Myiasis (Muscoidea, Oestroidea) by Philip J. Scholl, E. Paul Catts