ISBN 9781888799460,Meeting the Challenge of Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Meeting the Challenge of Progressive Multiple Sclerosis



Demos Medical Publishing

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9781888799460

ISBN-10 1888799463

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Number of Pages 136 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

The book is organized around the following topics: * What is Progressive Multiple Sclerosis? Reviews the nature of progressive multiple sclerosis and how it differs from relapsing MS. * The Diagnosis of Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Focuses on the symptoms and clinical patterns that often accompany the development of progressive MS--allowing its diagnosis. * Disease-Modifying Therapy. Examines a range of disease-modifying therapies that are substantially different than those used to manage relapsing-remitting disease. Reviews the use of the familiar "A,B,C" drugs in progressive disease and discusses additional therapies used primarily in progressive disease. * Managing Difficult Symptoms. Identifies persistent symptoms and shows how to reduce and control them. Management may involve lifestyle changes, physical management, the judicious use of medications, and other options. These are discussed in detail for symptoms, functional problems, and psychosocial concerns that are very common with MS. * Tools for the Transition. Offers advice for adjusting to the disease. Outlines strategies for dealing with issues of progressive disease, focusing on interpersonal support with family, friends, and colleagues. * Social and Economic Concerns - Day-to-Day Living. Deals with the limitations imposed by progressive disease on daily living, social activities, and employment. Packed with practical suggestions to help manage these limitations, including options for employment, health insurance, filing for disability, transportation, housing, and much more. * Coping with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Emphasizes education and counseling as tools to help the person with MS cope, self-manage, problem-solve, and plan as comfortably and effectively as possible. * Gender-Related Issues and Sexuality. Explores issues of special concern to women, issues of special concern to men, and issues of intimacy. * General Health and Wellness Issues. Covers a variety of general health issues, ranging from diet and nutrition to getting regular medical exams--areas sometimes neglected due to a focus on MS but that are crucial to living life to the fullest