ISBN 9788188934881,Megalithic monuments in asia

Megalithic monuments in asia



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788188934881

ISBN-10 8188934887

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Number of Pages 319 Pages
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This book is an attempt to describe and explain the prehistoric people of megalithic age who lived as an international community in Asia. The origin of the individual types is governed by multifarious factors. The megalithic monuments have origin from different regions, depending on the factors of diffusion, each type often combined with other type/s, and developed into regional types. The book reveals that there is similarity in the construction, interments and beliefs in respect of the megalithic monuments found throughout Asia. It is found that myths, Sun religion and rites in megalithic period were very similar from one region to the other. We could interpret that the megalithic people have common ideology in the myth, religions and rites.

The same cultural elements such as Sun religion, secondary burials and sacrificial customs were commonly found in Asian regions. Evidence of long distance contacts through archaeological, historical, ethnological and philological materials have overlapped with the distribution of megalithic monuments and their myth, legend, religion and rites. Therefore, the similarities in the megalithic culture of Asia tell us the relationship among the megalithic communities from different regions. Obviously, the megalithic communities lived in a rather global context. Through this book, we could enter into the fascinating world that prehistoric people enjoyed in an international society. This book will be of interest to professionals, students as well as lay readers who want to learn about these fascinating and impressive megalithic monuments and the community responsible for their existence.