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Mein Kampf



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Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380070193

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Number of Pages 700 Pages
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Adolf Hitler bares his incomprehensible personality to the world in Mein Kampf, boldly unravelling the evolution of a character from the days of an artist to the deadliest decimator of all time. After a disturbed childhood and eventual unforeseen events in his life during and after the First World War, Hitler becomes aggressively involved with socialist political groups. When he was jailed during one of the unsuccessful attempts to overthrow the Bavarian government, he wrote a personal manifesto filled with hateful sentiments against communism and Jewish people which later became the quintessential source of his apocalyptic ideas of extreme genocide and obsession with Aryan supremacy. Hitler puts forth in his book, his maliciously grandiose plans of recapturing Europe and establishing Germany as the ultimate leader which clearly appears as the inevitable implications of certain incidents in his life that morphed him gradually into an invincible dictator. Mein Kampf stands as one of the most controversial autobiographies written and that itself might seem like a reason for its popularity. About Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler is arguably humanity's one of the most detested personality for the unimaginable extent of damage he caused to the sentiments of a generation. His rise as the head of the National Socialist German Workers Party after a series of events in his life that was mainly influenced by socialism and abhorrence against communism culminated in him becoming a fanatical leader and ultimately a megalomaniac killer of Jews. The pathetic consequences of the First World War on Germany influenced even more the fervent nationalism in Hitler and thus resulting in the foundation for the Nazi party. Remembered for humanity's greatest genocidal incident, the Holocaust, Hitler's irrational ideologies and policies further aggravated the outcome of the World War II. He died in 1945 in Berlin which eventually marked the end of a heinous chapter in the history of the world.