ISBN 9781422131602,Men, Ideas, And Politics

Men, Ideas, And Politics





Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9781422131602

ISBN-10 1422131602


Number of Pages 271 Pages
Language (English)
This collection of Peter Drucker's essays explores the intersection between society, politics, and economics. Despite this lofty goal, however, the essays themselves remain down to earth, highly readable, and full of stories and ideas that make us think differently about the business world around us. The majority of these essays were written in the 1960s, and in them Drucker specifically examines that turbulent decade, yielding conclusions that are as timeless as they are fresh. He places the merger mania of the decade in the context of business history of the twentieth century, and arrives at fundamental questions about mass market economies. He questions the personal and political values of 1960s adolescents, and ends up relating them to the concurrent rise of big complex modern institutions. He examines with equal vigor Japan's management successes, Category Management the role of politics and economics in American identity, and the "real" Kirkegaard. Drucker argues that humankind itself cannot be understood without the context of these social, political, and economic forces--but what he truly shows us is how we ourselves are shaping these same forces every day. His work urges us to think deliberately about our roles--and where we want the world to go next. About the Author Peter F.Drucker Peter F. Drucker was a writer, teacher, and consultant. His thirty-four books have been published in more than seventy languages. He founded the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management and counseled thirteen governments, public services institutions, and major corporations.