ISBN 9780060568061,Mental Floss Presents Condensed Knowledge

Mental Floss Presents Condensed Knowledge



Avon Books

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780060568061

ISBN-10 0060568062


Number of Pages 327 Pages
Language (English)

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mental_floss is proud to offer a delicious, hearty helping of brain-food that's sure to fire up your neurons and tantalize your synapses. Condensed Knowledge is a mouthwatering mix of intriguing facts, lucid explanations, and mind-blowing theories that will satisfy even the hungriest mind! Ingredients include: 5 tiny nations that get no respect 4 civilizations nobody remembers 5 classics written under the influence 4 things your boss has in common with slime mold 3 schools of thought that will impress the opposite sex 4 things Einstein got wrong 5 classical tunes you know from the movies 3 famous studies that would be illegal today 2 religious mysteries solved by chemistry 5 scandals that rocked art, and much more