ISBN 9788121203234,Mental Health of Teachers

Mental Health of Teachers



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788121203234

ISBN-10 8121203236

Hard Back

Number of Pages 162 Pages
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Body & health

Waqf is a unique institution, invariably Muslim, though its fruits are enjoyed by all. Contrary to popular belief in India, Waqfs do not support only Muslim places of worship, but also support schools, colleges, libraries, hospitals, musafirkhanas and such other institutions for public and continue to play their humanitarian role. As such there are a central Waqf Board and state Waqf Boards, to oversee and co-ordinate their function. This first well-researched work traces the history and development of Waqfs and discusses in detail the laws and administration of Waqfs in India, various forms of Waqfs, and Waqfs property. Included in the study is the socio-legal aspects of family waqfs. The role of Mutawallia in the administration of Waqfs forms an important chapter. All the pre and post-Independence Waqf legislations and the Waqf Act 1954 have been fully examined by the legal expert which the author is. The book contains all the case decided by Privy council, Supreme Court, High Courts and outer legal institutes. In all, it is the complete, information packed, documentary study of an important institution which should interest advocates, students of Islamic laws, sociology and common citizens all over the world.