ISBN 9789382688389,MES54 methodology of Educational Research

MES54 methodology of Educational Research



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382688389

ISBN-10 9382688382


Number of Pages 348 Pages
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MES 54 Methodology of Educational Research Contents Covered Block1 Educational Research Unit1 Methods of Acquiring Knowledge Unit2 Educational Research: Meaning, Types, Scope, and Limitations Unit3 Research Paradigm: Quantitative Research Unit4 Research Paradigm: Qualitative Research Block2 Research Problem Unit1 Survey, Review and Importance of Related Literature Unit2 Selection, Definition and Evaluation of Research Problem Unit3 Hypothesis: Meaning, Types, Characteristics, and Testing of Hypotheses Unit4 Preparation of the Research Proposal Block3 Data Collection and Analysis Unit1 Sampling Methods Unit2 Tools of Research I Unit3 Tools of Research II Block4 Analysis and Interpretation of Data Unit1 Types of Data: Quantitative and Qualitative Unit2 Analysis of Quantitative Data: Descriptive Statistics Unit3 Analysis of Quantitative Data: Inferential Statistics (Parametric) Unit4 Analysis of Quantitative Data: Inferential Statistics (NonParametric) Unit5 Analysis of Qualitative Data Block5Methods of Research Unit1 Philosophical and Historical Research Unit2 Descriptive Research (Including Case Study) Unit3 Experimental Research Unit4 ExPost Facto Research Unit5 Action Research Block6Research Report and Dissemination Unit1 Meaning and Scope of Research Report Unit2 Formats of Research Reports Unit3 Presentation of Tables and Figures in the Research Report Unit4 Editing, Footnotes, References, Bibliography Unit5 Dissemination of Research Findings Contents Chapter1 Educational Research Chapter2 Research Problem Chapter3 Data Collection and Analysis Chapter4 Analysis and Interpretation of Data Chapter5Methods of Research Chapter6 Research Report and Dissemination Appendix Tables Table (A): Binomial Distribution Table (B): Normal Area Table Table (C) : tDistribution Table (D) :Critical Values of FRatio (5% level of significance) Table (E) : Critical Values of FDistribution (1% level of significance) and more