ISBN 9788131203521,Metal Cutting

Metal Cutting




Elsevier India



Elsevier India

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788131203521

ISBN-10 8131203522


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 464 Pages
Language (English)


Key Features Presents a comprehensive treatment of the subject Includes information on significant changes and additions to metal cutting theory Offers industrial relevance through a materials selection and and design-based approach Description Metal cutting is an essential process throughout engineering design and manufacturing industries. To increase efficiency and reduce costs, it is necessary to improve understanding of the metal cutting process. This book presents a comprehensive treatment of the subject that focuses on the features of the behavior of tool and work materials that influence the efficiency of metal cutting operations. The fourth edition of this acclaimed book has been expanded and revised to include significant changes and additions to metal cutting theory, and to cover developments in tool materials and industrial practice. In particular, improvements in the understanding of the generation of heat and distribution of temperature in the cutting tool are described; a discussion of the structure, properties, and performance of newly developed ceramic tool materials and tool coatings is presented; new information of the machinability of alloys is given; and the introduction of calcium deoxidized steels and their improved machinability are assessed. Additionally, a material selection and design-based approach is expanded upon to improve industrial relevance. Metal Cutting provides invaluable information for those engaged in machining, toolmaking, and related engineering activities, and it serves as a useful introduction to the subject for students of metallurgy and engineering. Readership Mechanical engineers--student and professional Mechanical, manufacturing process engineers and designers Quotes This book should be in the reference library of every engineer involved in metal cutting in any capacity, and it seems to be the textbook of choice for teaching the subject. It is destined to become the standard against which any other book on the subj