ISBN 9780070140004,Metrology And Measurement

Metrology And Measurement



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780070140004

ISBN-10 0070140006


Language (English)


Meant for students and practicing Engineers, this book provides an integrated exposure to dimensional and mechanical measurement. It gives the reader a methodical and well thought-out presentation using concise explanations, flexible approach and real-life case studies from the industry. Salient Features: In-depth coverage on Linear, Angular, Machine tool, and Geometrical Metrology. Includes recent advancement in metrology like Optical 3D Measuring Instruments, Coordinate Measuring Machines, and Universal Measuring Machines. Detailed explanations of different interferometry techniques and various types of comparators. Pedagogy includes: 330 Review Questions 20 Solved Examples Table of content :- Chapter 1. Introduction to Metrology Chapter 2. Measurement Standards Chapter 3. Linear Metrology Chapter 4. Straightness, Flatness, Sqaureness, Parallelism, Roundness and Cylindricity Measurements Chapter 5. Metrology of Machine Tools Chapter 6. Limits, Fits and Tolerance (Limit Gauges and it?s Design) Chapter 7. Angular Metrology Chapter 8. Interferometry Chapter 9. Comparator Chapter 10. Metrology of Surface Finish Chapter 11. Metrology of screw Threads Chapter 12. Metrology of Gears Chapter 13. Miscellaneous Measurements Chapter 14. Study of Advance Measuring Machines Chapter 15. Measurement System and Transducers Chapter 16. Intermediate and Terminating Devices Chapter 17. Force and Torque Measurement Chapter 18. Vibration Measurement Chapter 19. Pressure Measurement Chapter 20. Temperature Measurement Chapter 21. Strain Measurement Chapter 22. Flow Measurement