ISBN 9789381066102,MHI 1 Ancient And Medieval Societies

MHI 1 Ancient And Medieval Societies



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381066102

ISBN-10 9381066108


Number of Pages 340 Pages
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MHI 1 Ancient And Medieval Societies CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Early Human Societies Unit1 Hunting and Gathering Unit2 Pastoral Nomadism Unit3 Transition to Agriculture Unit4 The Neolithic Revolution Unit5 Implications for the World Block 2 Bronze Age Civilisations Unit6 Culture and Natural Settings of the Early Civilisations Unit7 Technological Foundations and SocioEconomic Parameters Unit8 Writing and Artistic Expression Unit9 The Social Structure Reconstructed Block 3 Formation of States and Empires Unit10 Formation of States and Empires A General Introduction Unit11 The Persian Empire Unit12 Ancient Greece Unit13 The Roman Empire Block 4 Alternative Social Formations Unit14 Latin America Unit15 Africa Unit16 Nomadic Empires Block 5 Religion, State and Society Unit17 The Late Roman World Unit18 The Arab World Unit19 China Block 6 Feudalism Unit20 Debates on Feudalism Unit21 Feudalism: Forms and Structures Unit22 Phases of Feudalism Unit23 Trade and the Decline of Feudalism Block 7 Trade and Commerce in The Medieval World Unit24 Oceanic Trade Unit25 Business Communities Unit26 Commercial Practices Unit27 Craft production Block 8 Medieval World in Transition Unit28 Science and Technologies and Expansion of Knowledge Unit29 Religious Establishment Unit30 Transition to Modern World Block 9 PreModern World: An Overview Unit31 Trends and Transition in Population Unit32 Urbanism Unit33 Technologies of Warfare and Communication Unit34 Kinship Pattern and Family Structure QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2007 2. Solution Paper June 2008 3. Solution Paper Dec 2008 4. Solution Paper June 2009 5. Solution Paper Dec 2009 6. Solution Paper June 2010 7. Question Paper Dec 2010 8. Solution Paper June 2011 9. Question Paper Dec 2011 10. Solution Paper June 2012 11. Solution Paper Dec 2012