ISBN 9789381066126,MHI 3 Historiography

MHI 3 Historiography



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381066126

ISBN-10 9381066124


Number of Pages 244 Pages
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MHI3 Historiography CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Understanding History Unit1 Generalisation Unit2 Causation Unit3 Objectivity and Interpretation Unit4 History, Ideology and Society Block 2 PreModern Traditions1 Unit5 GrecoRoman Traditions Unit6 Traditional Chinese Historiography Unit7 Historiographical Traditions in Early India Block 3 PreModern Traditions2 Unit8 Medieval Historiography Western Unit9 Medieval Historiography Arabic and Persian Unit10 Medieval Historiography: IndoPersian Unit11 Local History Block 4 Approaches to History in Modern Times1 Unit12 Positivist Tradition Unit13 Classical Marxist Tradition Unit14 The Annales School Block 5 Approaches to History In Modern Times2 Unit15 Recent Marxist Approaches Unit16 Postmodernist Intervention Unit17 Gender in History Unit18 Race in History Block 6 Approaches and Themes in Indian Historiography1 Unit19 Colonial Historiography Unit20 Nationalist Approach Unit21 Communalist Trends Unit22 Marxist Approach Unit23 The Cambridge School Block 7 Approaches and Themes in Indian Historiography2 Unit24 History From Below Unit25 Subaltern Studies Unit26 Economic History Unit27 Peasantry and Working Classes Unit28 Caste, Tribe and Gender Unit29 Religion and Culture Unit30 Environment, Science and Technology QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2007 2. Solution Paper June 2008 3. Solution Paper Dec 2008 4. Solution Paper June 2009 5. Solution Paper Dec 2009 6. Solution Paper June 2010