ISBN 9789381066218,MHI 5 History Of Indian Economy

MHI 5 History Of Indian Economy



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381066218

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MHI 5 History Of Indian Economy CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Historiography, Environment and Economy Unit1 Historiography of the PreColonial Economy Ancient Unit2 Historiography of the PreColonial Period Medieval Unit3 Historiography of the Colonial Economy Unit4 Environmental Zones and Indian Economy History Block 2 Emergence and Structure of Complex Economy Unit5 Origins of Agriculture, Animal Domestication,Craft production to Urbanisation (Case of the Harappan Civilisation) Unit6 Archaeology and Geography of Agricultural and Pastora Communities of the Subcontinent to the Middle of the First Millennium B.C. Unit7 Comparative Structures of Economies in Some Early States (Maurya, Kushana, Satavahana, Gupta) Unit8 Patterns of Trade, Urbanisation and Linkages: North India (C. 600 BC300 AD) Unit9 Patterns of Trade, Urbanisation and Linkages: Peninsular India (C. 300 BC to AD 300) Block 3 Early Medieval Economy and its Continuities Unit10 The Feudalism Debate in Indian History Unit11 Organisation of Agricultural and Craft Production: North India, c. AD 550 c. AD 1300 Unit12 Natural of Stratification and Regional Profiles of Agrarian Society in Early Medieval North India, c. AD 550 c. AD 1300 Unit13 Organisation of Agricultural and Crafts Production, Regional Profiles of Agrarian Society, Nature of Stratification: South India Unit14 Trade, Trading Networks and Urbanisation: North India, c. AD 300 c. AD 1300 Unit15 Exchange Networks, Merchant Organisation and Urbanisation: South India Block 4 Expansion and Growth of Medieval Economy1 Unit16 Agricultural Production Unit17 Agrarian Structure: Relations Unit18 NonAgricultural Production Unit19 Taxation Unit20 Urban Centres in Medieval India Block 5 Expansion and Growth of Medieval Economy2 Unit21 Inland and Maritime Trade Unit22 Business Practices and Monetary History Unit23 Technology and Economy Unit24 Transport and Communication Unit25 Eighteenth Century in Indian History and more