Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070080560

ISBN-10 0070080569


Number of Pages 832 Pages
Language (English)


The text focuses on the core principles of the intermediate microeconomic course: individuals and firms making decisions, competitive markets, and market failures. An accessible text that does not require knowledge of calculus, Microeconomics utilizes examples and integrates topics that will stimulate and motivate students. With its approach and coverage, the text will be useful for b-school students for a microeconomics or managerial economics course (micro part). It will be also useful for courses offered by economics departments in Indian universities. Salient Features: A Fresh, Up-to-date Treatment. An Innovative Approach to Quantitative Problem Solving Flexible Chapter Organization Teaches the "Why it matters?" behind the theory Student Friendly Pedagogy Real World Applications Closely Tied to Text. Worked-Out Problems and In-Text Exercises Table of content :- Part I: Introduction Chapter 1: Preliminaries Chapter 2: Supply and Demand Chapter 3: Balancing Benefits and Costs Part II: Individual Decision Making Part IIA - Consumption Decisions Chapter 4: Principles and Preferences Chapter 5: Constraints, Choices, and Demand Chapter 6: From Demand to Welfare Part IIB - Production Decisions Chapter 7: Technology and Production Chapter 8: Cost Chapter 9: Profit Maximization Part IIC - Additional Topics Concerning Decisions Chapter 10: Choices Involving Time Chapter 11: Choices Involving Risk Chapter 12: Choices Involving Strategy Chapter 13: Behavioral Economics Part III: Markets Part IIIA - Competitive Markets Chapter 14: Equilibrium and Efficiency Chapter 15: Market Interventions Chapter 16: General Equilibrium, Efficiency, and Equity Part IIIB - Market Failures Chapter 17: Monopoly Chapter 18: Pricing Policies Chapter 19: Oligopoly Chapter 20: Externalities and Public Goods Chapter 21: Asymmetric Information