ISBN 9788120315013,Microprocessor-Based Design : A Comprehensive Guide To Effective Hardware Design

Microprocessor-Based Design : A Comprehensive Guide To Effective Hardware Design



Phi Learning Private Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788120315013

ISBN-10 8120315014


Number of Pages 620 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

This book provides practical guidelines and procedures for developing cost effective microprocessor-based hardware products. It simplifies and clarifies advanced techniques of microprocessor-based product design. Presents a wealth of design examples demonstrating these techniques in a step-by-step manner. Key Features Covers state-of-the-art devices such as 1MB dynamic RAMs. Shows how to choose an appropriate microprocessor for a given application. Explains the function of buses, all types of semiconductor memory, system components including DMA controllers, counter/timers, watchdog timers, LED, LCD, vacuum fluorescent, and CRT displays. Covers basic concepts of serial I/O, data communication and interfacing. Describes the basic technology and interfacing considerations for all types of user input and output devices. Offers techniques for connecting multiple processors including coprocessors, multimaster bus operation and single-chip slave processors. Includes end-of-chapter exercises stressing key points in the text. Table of Contents Preface Introduction Microprocessor Types and Selection Bus Structures Memory Bus Peripherals The User Interface Displays Data Communication Mass Storage Multiple Microprocessor Systems Subject Index Product Number Index