ISBN 9788120320567,Microsoft Net Server Solutions For The Enterprise

Microsoft Net Server Solutions For The Enterprise



Phi Learning Private Limited

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788120320567

ISBN-10 8120320565


Number of Pages 560 Pages
Language (English)


This book presents a practical guide that enables enterprise customers to take advantage of Microsoft? .NET Enterprise Servers to address enterprise customer needs. The focus is on providing solutions to common e-business problems faced by medium to large enterprises. In order to understand how to use complex products and technologies together, you need a roadmap that shows you where to begin and where to go. The book tries to fulfil this requirement and the emphasis throughout is on practical information that gives you a blueprint with some code samples to show you how to implement pieces of the puzzle, with lots of pointers to more information (e.g. product sites, product documentation, URLs, white papers, samples, etc.) The level of content is general enough to appeal to various disciplines within a large enterprise. At the same time, the detail is specific enough to add practical value to people who are tasked with implementing an enterprise-wide solution to a given business problem. The solutions offered are also targetted at consultants, solution providers, application service providers, and independent software vendors to give them a framework they need to build solutions for their clients. FEATURES