ISBN 9788120332492,Microsoft? Sharepoint? Products And Technologies Administrator's Pocket Consultant

Microsoft? Sharepoint? Products And Technologies Administrator's Pocket Consultant



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Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788120332492

ISBN-10 8120332490


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Computer programming

workflows, shared service providers, information management policies, scalability, availability, security, logging and processing analysis, and backup and recovery. Table of Contents Acknowledgments Introduction. Who Is This Book For? How Is This Book Organized? . Conventions Used in This Book Questions and Support Part I Share Point Products and Technologies Fundamentals 1 Overview of Share Point Products and Technologies Administration Share Point Products and Your Hardware Memory CPU Disk Drives Applications and Services Operating System Services Windows Share Point Services 3.0 Microsoft Office Share Point Server 2007 Administration Overview Graphical Administration Tool Command-Line Tool 2 Deploying Share Point Products and Technologies Preparing for Installation Software Requirements Security Accounts SQL Server Security Accounts Installing the First Windows Share Point Services Server in the Farm Active Directory Account Creation Mode Using the Configuration Wizard Central Administration Setup Understanding the Databases Created During Installation Installing the First Share Point Server 2007 Server in the Farm The Installation Wizard Share Point Server Databases Created During Installation IIS Web Applications Created During Installation Upgrading Windows Share Point Services to Share Point Server Part II Share Point Core Administration 3 Central Administration Server Farm Operations Defining Share Point Server 2007 Farm Services E-mail Configuration Managing Service Accounts Enabling Information Rights Management Updating the Farm Administrator's Group Understanding Timer Jobs Alternate Access Mappings Quiesce Farm Application Management Creating Web Applications Defining Managed Paths Configuring Web Application Outgoing E-mail Settings Managing Content Databases Share Point Server Document Conversion Workflow Settings 4 Creating Site Collections. Site Creation Modes Determining Which Mode to Use Site Use Confirmation and Deletion Creating Site Collections Site Collection Quotas and Locks Site Collection Administrators Creating Subsites and Workspaces Site Settings Users and Permissions Regional Settings Creating Document Libraries Creating and Managing Lists User Alerts Discussions RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Recycle Bin 5 Customizing Sites Using the Default Site Collection Templates Collaboration Site Templates Meeting Site Templates Enterprise Site Templates Publishing Site Templates Customizing the Default Templates Modifying the Common Look And Feel Saving a Site as a Template Resetting a Site Managing the Site Template Gallery Managing the Central Template Gallery Web Part Pages Creating a Web Part Page Editing a Web Part Page Web Parts Editing Web Parts Connecting Web Parts Web Part Galleries Managing Web Parts Importing Web Part Assembly Files Web Part Maintenance View 6 Using Workflows and Information Management Policies Automating Document Management in Share Point Server 2007 Workflow Automation Information Management Policies Creating and Configuring Workflows Completing a Workflow Assignment Approval Workflow Collect Feedback Workflow Collect Signatures Workflow Three-State Workflow Translation Management Workflow Disposition Approval Workflow Custom Workflows Monitoring and Reporting on Workflows Defining Information Management Policies Label Policy Auditing Policy Expiration Policy Barcodes Policy Creating Policies Creating Policy Templates Using Content Types Understanding Content Types Configuring Workflows on a Content Type Configuring Information Management Policies on a Content Type Tracking Information Management Policy Use 7 Implementing Security for Share Point Products Securing Web Applications Internet Information Services Configuring Antivirus Settings Managing Single Sign-on Configuring Blocked File Types Updating the Farm Administrator's Group Site Collection Security Site Collection Administrators Permission Levels Server Farm Security Surface Area Server Placement Part III Working with Share Point Server 2007 8 Deploying Share Point Server Shared Services Creating a Shared Services Provider Web Application Creation Editing a Shared Services Provider Changing Web Application Associations Configuring Shared Services Assigning Administrators Managing User Profiles Using Personalization Services Configuring Audiences Office Share Point Usage Reporting 9 Configuring Share Point Server Portals Creating Departmental Portals Creating Corporate Intranet Portals Customizing Portal Navigation Using the Site Directory Using the Reports Center Using Online Editing in Portals Managing Content and Structure Using Internet Portals Enabling ASP.NET Forms-Based Authentication Managing My Sites Personalizing the Top Link Bar from the Shared Services Provider Choosing a My Site Naming Format 10 Configuring Office Share Point Server Enterprise Content Management Understanding and Working with Content Types Working with Site Columns Creating and Using Document Information Panels Updating a Custom Document Information Panel When the Associated Content Type Changes Dealing with Content Type Dependencies Creating and Using Document Parsers Managing Official Records Setting Up a File Plan Configuring the Default Send To Location Sending Content from a Share Point Site Managing Holds Managing Web Content Working with Master Pages and Page Layouts Deploying Page Layouts Customizing the Authoring Experience Converting Documents into Web Pages Managing Electronic Forms Creating Browser-Compatible InfoPath Forms Deploying Forms That Do Not Require Full Trust Deploying Forms That Require Full Trust 11 Configuring Office Share Point Server Excel Calculation Services Getting Started with Excel Calculation Services Key Planning Concepts Implementation Checklist Configuring Excel Servers in the Farm Single-Server and Small Farm Deployment Dedicated Excel Server Deployment Load-Balanced Excel Server Deployment Configuring Trusted File Locations Creating a Trusted File Location Trusted Location Settings Workbook Security Publishing Office Excel 2007 Workbooks Configuring Excel Calculation Services Publishing Options Opening Excel Workbooks in the Browser The Excel Web Access Web Part Configuring Excel Services Settings Security File Access Method Connection Encryption Load Balancing Session Management Memory Utilization Workbook Cache Location External Data Configuring Trusted Data Connection Libraries Configuring Trusted Data Providers Configuring User-Defined Function Assemblies 12 Configuring Share Point Server Search and Indexing Creating and Managing Content Sources and Crawl Settings Content Source Types Crawl Settings Crawl Logs Metadata Property Mappings Server Name Mappings Search Results Removal Creating and Managing Search Scopes Configuring Crawler Impact Rules Configuring Relevance Settings Through Authoritative Pages Configuring the Thesaurus and Noise Word Files Configuring the Thesaurus Configuring the Noise Word File Working with Query Reporting Understanding Query Reporting Working with Keywords and Best Bets Part IV Share Point Performance and Operations 13 Scaling Out to a Share Point Technologies Server Farm Preparing for Scaling Out to a Server Farm Windows Share Point Services Farm Topology Examples Share Point Server Farm Topology Examples Scaling Out Windows Share Point Services Adding Web Front-End Servers Configuring Multiple Windows Share Point Services Search Servers Scaling Out Share Point Server Adding Web Front-End Servers Deploying Multiple Share Point Server Query Servers Deploying Multiple Share Point Server Index Servers Scaling Share Point Server Excel Calculation Services Adding and Load Balancing Document Converter Services Creating Multiple Shared Services Providers Intra-Farm Shared Services Inter-Farm Shared Services Configuring Multiple My Site Providers 14 Backup and Restore of Share Point Products and Technologies Content Recovery Document Versioning Configuring the Recycle Bin Using the Migration Tool Disaster Recovery Using Central Administration Backup and Restore Command-Line Farm-Level Backup and Restore Command-Line Site Collection Backup and Restore Restoring Application Server Roles to the Farm Backing Up Other Required Content 15 Logging and Processing Analysis Using Performance Monitor Counter Logs Trace Logs Alerts Performance Monitoring Best Practices Baselining Your Servers Windows Server 2003 Critical Counters Share Point Server Counters Internet Information Services (IIS) Logging Configuring Event Logs and Diagnostic Logging Event Throttling Configuring Logging and Reporting Trace Logs Site Collection Auditing Best Practices Analyzer for Windows Share Point Services and Share Point Server Appen