ISBN 9780071363273,Microvias : For Low Cost, High Density Interconnects

Microvias : For Low Cost, High Density Interconnects


John H. Lau






Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780071363273

ISBN-10 0071363270

Hard Back

Number of Pages 450 Pages
Language (English)

Electronics engineering

The first comprehensive and in-depth guide to microvia and wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP) technologies. This reference gives you cutting edge information on the most important developments and latest research results in applying the microvia and WLCSP technologies to low-cost and high-density interconnects. For professionals active in microvia and WLCSP research and development, those who wish to master microvia and WLCSP problem solving methods, and those demanding a cost-effective design and high-yield manufacturing process for their low-cost and high-density interconnect systems, here is up-to-the-minute coverage of all aspects of this fascinating field.
This one-stop guide meets the reference needs of design, materials, process, equipment, manufacturing, reliability, component, packaging, marketing, and system engineers, and technical managers working in electronic packaging and interconnection. With this book you will develop a practical understanding of the cost, design, materials, process, equipment, manufacturing, and reliability issues of microvia and WLCSP technologies. Among the topics explored:
*IC trends and their packaging technology updates
*Design, materials, imaging, drilling, plating, etching, solder resist, machining, and routing of conventional PCB technologies
*Mechanical drilling for microvias
*Materials, mechanisms, tools, and processes for making microvias with Excimer, UC: YAG, and CO2 laser drilling
*Microvias formed by various photoimageable dielectrics and fine-line lithography
*Chemical- and plasma-etched microvias
*Conductive paste/ink-filled microvias
*Thin-film high-density interconnects for WLCSPapplications
*Solders for the next generation of WLCSPs
*Creep of solders under combined loads
*Low-alpha-particle-bearing solders
*Lead-free solders
*Wafer bumping (by electroplating and stencil printing methods) with lead-free solders
*Assembly of flip chip on high-density PCBs or substrates with reworkable underfills and with no-flow underfills
*Solder-joint reliability of WLCSP on microvia build-up or substrates

Microvias: For Low-Cost and High-Density Interconnects is required reading for the electronic packaging industry. Page after page, this standard-setting guide gives you both essential technical details and an eye-opening overview of this fast-developing field. No matter how you use this book, you will see why it is the resource of choice for the field's leaders.

State-of-the-art introduction to high-density interconnect technology

The first-ever book on this hot topic, Microvias: Low Cost, High Density Interconnects gives you a thorough look at the technology that's changing the nature of printed circuit boards--and driving the mobile electronic revolution. A "must" for electronics and mechanical engineers, John Lau and Ricky Lee's intensive introduction to microvia technology expertly covers all major techniques. You get important details on mechanical NC drilling, laser drilling, photo-defined, chemical and plasma etching, and conductive ink formation. You also get a survey of the work of leading companies and their products, including Canon, Compaq, Fujitsu Limited, Gore, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ibiden, IBM, JCI, JVC, K&S (X-Lam), Kyocera/JME, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, NEC, Samsung, Sheldahl, Shinko, Toshiba.