ISBN 9789962613305,MICS Micro-Incision Cataract Surgery with CD-ROM

MICS Micro-Incision Cataract Surgery with CD-ROM



Highlights of Ophthalmology International

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9789962613305

ISBN-10 9962613302


Number of Pages 100 Pages
Language (English)

General surgery

This book addresses the topic of microincision cataract surgery (MICS), an emerging technique that can be considered todays latest development in this field, probably opening the way to the final stage of evolution of cataract surgery performed with todays technologies. A number of renowned contributing authors and editors present this masterpiece for your medical library. The new technologies have enabled smaller incisions for cataract surgery, creating a revolution in this field. The subject covered are: What does MICS require?: The transition to microincisional surgery; MICS with Ultrasounds; MICS with Lasers; Bimanual bi-energy techniques; MICS and new Intraocular lens technologies; Future of MICS surgery; Audivisual Material (CD-ROM): The MICS concept: Flying with MICS; Basic MICS: instruments; Learning MICS step by step