ISBN 9788185002903,Militancy in Jammu and Kashmir : The Uncovered Face

Militancy in Jammu and Kashmir : The Uncovered Face


Luv Puri



Bibliophile South Asia

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788185002903

ISBN-10 8185002908


Number of Pages 117 Pages
Language (English)

Human rights

Militancy in Jammu & Kashmir : The Uncovered Face tries to understand the nature and causes of militancy South fo the Pir Panjal, where the violence was far more complex and brutal than in the valley, in several respects. The narrative revolves around the relationship between the complex ethno-religious composition of the region and developments in the past - 1990 violence-torn phase. The rise and decline of militancy in Jammu did not synchronize with trends in the valley and it proved that security in a disturbed area does not depend on armed might alone; it has to be supplemented by socio-political measures. This book would be of immense interest to scholars, journals and policymakers working on conflict areas.