ISBN 9788170494935,Military Philosophy

Military Philosophy


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Manas Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788170494935

ISBN-10 8170494931

Hard Back

Number of Pages 183 Pages
Language (English)


Military has been an integral part of human civilisation as war is an all-embracing national activity. It is an instrument in the hands of political executive for implementing state policy and therefore, it is natural that their code of conduct is influenced by the political philosophy of the country they represent. For instance, the treatment meted out to prisoners of war (PoW) by the military of a democratic country is likely to be humane while conduct of military of a state which aggressively advocates ethnic cleansing is likely to be brutal.
The influence of religion, culture, customs and traditions on the behaviour of soldiers is also an important factor from the point of maintenance of discipline and moral. It is, therefore, evident that there is a need to develop national ethos which respect the armed forces and their role. It is the foundation of healthy institutional relationship in a democracy.
This book is a reflective speculation on ethical code of conduct for soldiering and a pioneering work in the domain and the format. It deals with the functioning of a soldier at varying levels of responsibility. The rendering of the book facilitates reading by soldiers, political masters, bureaucracy and citizens in general.

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