ISBN 9781846841767,Mills Utilitarianism

Mills Utilitarianism



Continuum International Publishing Group

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781846841767

ISBN-10 1846841763

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Number of Pages 148 Pages
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Literature fiction

Continuum¯s Reader¯s Guides are clear, concise and accessible introductions to classic works of philosophy. Each book explores the major themes, historical and philosophical context and key passages of a major philosophical text, guiding the reader towards a thorough understanding of often demanding material. Ideal for undergraduate students, the guides provide an essential resource for anyone who needs to get to grips with a philosophical text.

¯West¯s newest book will be of great value to students of every level¯All readers will find that West¯s are combination of clarity and insight will enhance their encounter with Mill¯s duly famous work.¯

About the Author
Context: Alternatives to Utilitarianism; Mill¯s life and writings; Bentham¯s utilitarian philosophy
Overview of themes
Reading the text: Overview: Subject matter of the chapters; Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 3; Chapter 4; Chapter 5; Summary
Reception and influence
Notes for further reading: Secondary material; Selective bibliography

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