ISBN 9788170587828,Mind And Vision

Mind And Vision



Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publications

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788170587828

ISBN-10 8170587824


Language (English)

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Lose A Kilo A Week Is A Detailed Diet And Weight Loss Plan, And Also Shows How To Maintain The Ideal Weight After Reaching It. Summary Of The Book Obesity Is An Increasingly Prevalent Problem In Today'S World. Unhealthy Eating Habits, Irregular Timing Of Meals, Too Much Fatty Food And Other Factors Lead To This Problem. It Is Easy To Put On Weight, But Harder To Lose It. Lose A Kilo A Week Shows How A Person Can Lose Weight Within A Few Weeks, At A Rate Of One Kilo Per Week. The Author Shows How To Do This In A Healthy Way, Without Fasting. She Just Shows The Reader How To Eat Healthy. The Book Is Divided Into Three Parts. In The First Part, She Explains What Factors Contribute To Excessive Weight Gain. She Discusses The Problems Obesity Can Lead To And The Necessity For Keeping Body Weight Under Control. In The Second Section, She Gives The Details Of A Weight Loss Plan. This Basically Involves Eating A Healthy Low-Carb, Low-Quantity Diet. She Also Gives Details Of Some Exercise Routines To Complement The Diet. She Provides Meal Plans And Also Explains Some Factors That Can Can Help The Reader Lose Weight Within Three Weeks. The Final Section Of Lose A Kilo A Week Focuses On The Ways To Maintain The Ideal Weight After A Person Has Successfully Followed The Diet. The Author Points Out The Necessity Of Incorporating Healthy Diet And Eating Habits Into A Person'S Lifestyle, And Not Just For The Duration Of The Diet. The Author Also Provides Recipes For A Few Oil-Free Dishes. She Also Includes Calorie Counts And Diet Charts To Help The Reader Plan Their Meals And Maintain Their Weight. She Insists That The Reader Should Keep A Constant Watch On What They Are Eating, How Much And At What Times. The Book Is Practical And Is Presented In An Informal And Conversational Style. It Includes Real Life Case Studies Of The Author'S Clients. Salient Points Are Summarized At The End Of Each Chapter, And There Is An Faq Of Common Questions On Dieting At The End Of Section One. About Nishi Grover Nishi Grover Is A Highly Experienced Dietician. Nishi Grover Has Over 30 Years Of Experience As A Consulting Dietitian. Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes When She Was Just Four Years Of Age, She Has A Good Knowledge Of The Importance Of Diet Control And A Healthy Lifestyle. She Has A Clinic In South Delhi And Has Helped Over 700 Clients Lose Weight, And Stay Fit And Healthy.

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