ISBN 9788123908168,Mineral Nutrition of Crops: Fundamental Mechanisms and Implications

Mineral Nutrition of Crops: Fundamental Mechanisms and Implications


Zdenko Rengel






Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788123908168

ISBN-10 8123908164

Hard Back

Number of Pages 399 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

Mineral Nutrition of Crops is the first book to grasp the complexity of the soil- water-plant-microbe interactions governing nutrient uptake and utilization by crops. Youll find it establishes a base at the single plant level takes into account cells as well as plasma membranes of these cells and then builds from there to include issues related to plant pathology soil microbiology soil chemistry hydrology breeding and modeling. An understanding of these topics is paramount to designing sustainable nutrient management in agricultural landscapes as scientists face the challenge of providing food feed and fiber for increasing populations on decreasing amounts of agricultural land.

About the Author
Associate Professor Zdenko (Zed) Rengel PhD Reader at The University of Western Australia has sixteen years of teaching and research experience in various aspects of plant physiology soil fertility and plant nutrition. He has been awarded four prizes and thirteen Fellowships from institutions in Austria France Germany U.K. Japan U.S.A. and Australia. He is a consultant to various international and Australian institutions and Universities. He has been the invited keynote speaker at twelve international conferences and is currently serving on the Editorial Boards of three international journals. In the last ten years he has supervised twelve postdoctoral fellows as well as eighteen postgraduate and eighteen Honors students. He has published 103 peer-reviewed articles and thirteen invited book chapters. His current research work spans a wide range of topics from soil chemistry microbiology and hydrology to molecular biology of nutrient transporters to computer modeling of root growth and nutrient uptake