ISBN 9788182054851,Mineral Wealth A Guide To The Occurrence, 2nd Vol.

Mineral Wealth A Guide To The Occurrence, 2nd Vol.


Isha Books



Isha Books

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788182054851

ISBN-10 8182054850

Hard Back

Number of Pages 303 Pages
Language (English)


India has been the repository of minerals from time immemorial. Ancient miners were well known for their skill in extracting and smelting the ores of Metals and in recovering Diamonds from deposits of various kinds. The Book Mineral Wealth is a useful research. It is in five parts. Part I : is about mineral fuels, Part II : deals with metals and their ores, Part III : is concerned with materials used in building construction, Civil Engineering etc. Part IV : is about the precious and semi-precious stones, and Part V : has chapters on Water supplies and soils. The book describes all the minerals found in India, Myanmar and Pakistan individually illustrating their places of origin, history, commercial exploitation, their uses in modern Times etc. Thus, the book should be useful for all those dealing with metals and metallurgical processes. The book contains 12 Maps and 14 plates. It also contains useful information in the appendix.Contents: Introduction I. THE MINERAL FUELS : 1. The Mineral Fuels II. THE METALS AND THEIR ORES : 2. The Precious Metals 3. The More Important Non-ferrous Metals 4. Ferrous and Other Related Metals 5. The Steel-hardening Metals 6. The Light Metals 7. The Atomic Metals and their Associates 8. The Rarer Elements of Industrial Importance III. MATERIALS USED IN BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, CIVIL ENGINEERING, ETC. : 9. Building Materials 10. Minerals Used in Ceramics, Refractories and Glass Manufacture 11. Mineral Colours and Abrasives 12. Minerals Used in Agriculture 13. Minerals Used in Industry Generally 14. Minerals with Special Uses IV. PRECIOUS AND SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES : 15. Precious Stones 16. Uncommon Gem Stones 17. Semi-precious and Decorative Stones V. WATER AND SOILS : 18. Water Supplies 19. Soils