ISBN 9788121501422,Mithuna: The Male- Female Symbol In Indian Art And Thought

Mithuna: The Male- Female Symbol In Indian Art And Thought



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1983

ISBN 9788121501422

ISBN-10 8121501423

Hard Back

Number of Pages 187 Pages
Language (English)

The Arts

In a most comprehensive and thorough analysis, the present work identifies Mithuna or Male-Female theme as a symbol pure and simple that occurs and recurs under many contexts and representational assumptions in different phases of Indian culture, art and thought. The author has brought out an exposition of the Mithuna symbol treating fully its implications in manifold contexts and areas of thought such as One And The Many, Male and Female, As An Idyllic Concept, Dampati, Incomplete Mithuna, Eternal Mithuna And Sahaja. As such this symbol now forms the key to analysing several basic ideals permeating different Indian metaphysical systems and mythical formulations as well as their tangible projection in art and iconography through the ages. The accented expression of Mithuna in Indian art and ritual has ever been a thing of wide interest both to scholars and general readers. Dr. Agrawala's work studies this greatly fascinating subject in a new and comprehensive setting, treating the Indian Male-Female theme for the first time in the widest possible range of its existence from prehistoric ages to pre-modern times and of its multiple presence in religious, social and philosophical ideologies and art.