ISBN 9780070635999,Mobile Cellular Telecommunications: Analog And Digital Systems

Mobile Cellular Telecommunications: Analog And Digital Systems



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780070635999

ISBN-10 0070635994


Edition 2nd
Language (English)

Science fiction

You 'll find expert guidance on the elements of cellular radio design .specifications .cell coverage for signal and traffic .Cell-Site Antennas and mobile antennas. Co channel Interference Reduction .Frequency Management and Channel Assignment .Hand offs .Switching and Traffic. Data Links and Microwaves .. and more. If you 're a telecommunications engineer or technician involved with cellular systems, the new edition of this essential source book will give you the practical skills required to take advantage of all current innovations in this exciting field. Table of content :- 1. Introduction to Cellular Mobile Systems 2. Elements of Cellular Radio System Design 3. Specifications of Analog Systems 4. Cell Coverage for Signal and Traffic 5. Cell-Site Antennas and Mobile Antennas 6. Cochannel Interface Reduction 7. Types of Non cochannel Interference 8. Frequency Management and Channel Adjustment 9. Hand offs and Dropped Calls 10. Operational Techniques and Technologies 11. Switching and Traffic 12. Data Links and Microwaves 13. System Evaluations 14. Introduction to Digital Systems 15. Digital Cellular Systems 16. Intelligent Cell Concept and Applications 17. Intelligent Network for Wireless Communications 18. Cellular Related Topics