ISBN 9789381394458,Mode Huye Panno Ke Bheetar

Mode Huye Panno Ke Bheetar




Hind Yugm



Hind Yugm

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789381394458

ISBN-10 9381394458


Number of Pages 80 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Indian Writing

Mode Huye Panno Ke Bheetar is a collection of poems having the traditional and classical form of Hindi poetry i.e. GEET meant Lyrical Poems. It retains enough creditability among newly arrived Hindi poetry collections because it has most popular and actual form of Hindi poetry. Geet are actually the purest and the real form of Hindi poetry and this book is mainly comprised those lyrical poems making it worth enough; as many people started saying that The time of Geet has over but actually it makes the undertone dialogue with us which says that now we dont have Geet in Hindi to read, to listen, to enjoy and mainly to feel the rhymes of lives. Many people believe that this type of poetry is actually the need of time; need of readers, need of Hindi literature; so in the era of such talks Mode Huye Panno Ke Bheetar will be welcome with open hands and even hearts whether for lovers or for the critics.

About the Author
Aman Dalal is among the few newcomers in traditional Hindi poetry who actually promises that song (Geet) will always be an essential element for Hindi literature. He does not impose non-sense similes, unusual metaphors in the name of new poetry but articulates his thoughts in such a way that each and every minute feel whether of romance, sorrow or philosophy; starts singing itself. Pure and impressive language with mesmerizing expression of thoughts adds charm in his poetry; his poems not only sing each thought but make you sing too. He comes with a classical form which is actually the soul of Hindi poetry i.e. Geet; Also with a sincerity to keep the trend alive. Reading Aman is genuinely a great experience; he makes you think, he shows you real poetry with no pauses but with a joyful rhythm throughout.