ISBN 9781107644526,Models of Opportunity: How Entrepreneurs Design Firms to Achieve the Unexpected

Models of Opportunity: How Entrepreneurs Design Firms to Achieve the Unexpected



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781107644526

ISBN-10 1107644526

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Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


Entrepreneurship is changing. Technology and social networks create a smaller world, but widen the opportunity horizon. Today's entrepreneurs build organisations and create value in entirely new ways and with entirely new tools. Rather than just exploit new ideas, innovative entrepreneurs design organisations to make sense of unlikely opportunities. The time has come to overhaul what we know about entrepreneurship and business models. Models of Opportunity links scholarly research on business models and organisational design to the reality of building entrepreneurial firms. It provides actionable advice based on a deeper understanding of how business models function and change. The six insights extend corporate strategy and entrepreneurship in a completely new direction. Case studies of innovative companies across industries demonstrate how visionary entrepreneurs achieve unexpected results. The insights, tools and cases, provide a fresh perspective on emerging trends in entrepreneurship, organisational change and high-growth firms.

Table of Contents
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Six insights to achieve the unexpected
1. Rethink organisation design
2. Appreciate imperfect opportunities
3. Remodel for coherence
4. Build bridges
5. Inspire the narrative
6. Embrace the unexpected opportunity
7. Hindsight