ISBN 9788126916559,Modern Literary Theory New Perspectives

Modern Literary Theory New Perspectives


Sunita Sinha


Atlantic Books



Atlantic Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788126916559

ISBN-10 8126916559


Number of Pages 296 Pages
Language (English)

Literary theory

Literary theories are indispensable tools for literature meant to interpret and evaluate works of literature with the mind of revealing the in-depth implications of such works. Written in concise and clear language, Modern Literary Theories: New Perspectives (Vol. I), offers a historical overview of literary criticism and theory throughout the twentieth century along with a close analysis of some of the most important and commonly taught texts from the period. The book aims at providing an accessible introduction to modern literary theory and criticism and places various modes of criticism within their historical and intellectual contexts. It attempts to explore the works of a diverse group of 20th century writers, including Babbitt, Woolf, Bakhtin, Heidegger, Lacan, Derrida, Judith Butler, Zizek, Nussbaum, Negri and Hardt, and covers modern literary theories like Transversal Theory, Nation Theory, Queer Theory, Masculinity Studies, Feminism, Autobiographical Theory, Narratology and Film Theory, Formalism, Psychoanalytical Theory, New Criticism, Structuralism, Deconstruction, Marxism, New Historicism, Gender Studies and Culture Studies. The book offers a comprehensive, critical and theoretical tool for gaining access into deeper meaning of literary canons. It will not only benefit the beginners trying to get acquainted with the theoretical and critical tools of evaluation in English literature but also prove to be interesting and useful to the teachers of English literature, leading them to the new approaches to theory and criticism. Besides, it will help the researchers of modern literary theories.